This game was developed by Telmo Correa (MIT MEng in machine learning, former quant /data engineer) for the game jam Gaming Like It's 1023 The game jam celebrates works from 1923, only entering the public domain now in 2019. The selected work for the game is Little Butterfly from Irving Berlin.

Little Butterfly
Be a flower and have your heart played by careless butterflies.

In this game, you live the fluttering experience of a short passion. Careless butterflies can visit your garden, to date your flower for up to one day (24 hours). Even though its beauty may make you fall in love, the butterflies will leave you for another flower. As the butterfly flies away, a lonely heart will be left behind with its memory. If the memory of your lost love gets too heavy, you can destroy the heart, and the memories within it. If you decide to keep it with you and do not transfer the butterfly to another flower, after 24 hours you will find it dead, haunting your garden. In other words, to keep looking at your beautiful butterfly, you must accept the end, and transfer it to another flower.

To spice thing up, butterflies and hearts are tradable tokens based at Ethereum platform.


Information about the game

Little Butterfly is implemented as a smart contract, deployed to decentralized blockchain networks. A beautiful front end is provided for ease of interacting with it right here, but anyone can design their own interfaces to interact with the contract instead. (More technical stuff: Little Butterfly is implemented as a contract fully compliant with ERC721, Non-Fungible Token contracts; see ).

Interacting with a smart contract application (known as a decentralized application, or a DApp) usually requires a compatible browser extension or browser. We recommend Metamask (

However, we added support to interface with the Rinkeby and the Mainnet networks using mobile authentication only, thanks to Fortmatic. You can choose 'mobile rinkeby' or 'mobile mainnet' to use accounts managed by Fortmatic from any browser, using only a phone that can receive text messages.

Four versions of the contract are deployed -- one on the "main" network, and three on public test networks: Ropsten, Rinkeby, and Kovan. (Ropsten ether is free, but the network may be slower due to spammers. Rinkeby and Kovan ether are also free, but most faucets require you to provide some identification.)

Any changes of game state -- like joining the game, or giving away a butterfly -- require spending 'gas', which costs Ether. Ether needs to be mined or purchased -- but, on the test networks, it can also be obtained for free from faucets. (Fortmatic also provides 1 Rinkeby ETH, at this time, when first creating an account with them on Rinkeby.)

If you have a blockchain-compatible browser you should be able to use any of the sites below to get some testnet ether:

Ropsten faucets
IPFS faucet

Rinkeby faucets

Kovan faucets

smart contract details

Mainnet contract
Ropsten contract
Rinkeby contract
Kovan contract

Developer Team

Back End: Telmo Correa
Front End: Alcir Simões
Illustration: Ana Mei
Motion: Alê Meira
Concept : Deborah Natal